Live each day

With Love

Like Christ, we assist others in understanding and experiencing God's love.


Live each day

With Love

Like Christ, we assist others in understanding and experiencing God's love.


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About Our Church

Everyone who visits DBD Church is certain to get a kind reception. Our group is made up primarily of Filipinos, but we come from all walks of life and all generations, and we all have a deep love for Jesus and for one another. Attending one of our events will expose you to uplifting worship music and relevant preaching topics.

We're delighted that you discovered us online so we can inform you about our brand-new church. Whether you stumbled onto this page out of idle curiosity or because you're actively seeking a new church in our area, we hope you'll find something here that will help you develop in your relationship with God, even if we never meet.


Despite the fact that we are a very new church, it has been tremendously beneficial to our congregation family and affiliations. On August 14, 2021, we launched as ImmanuEL Christian Ministries' inaugural church planting initiative. Since our founder, Rogelio Agbuya, was an elders leader at a New Jersey church of the same name, we used the name Day By Day Christian Ministries Mississauga with the blessing of Ptr. Cesar Pasinio. We are a self-governing church affiliated with Church Planting Ministries Inc., and the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

Our Team

Pastor Rogelio Agbuya provides the church's major leadership. He is dedicated to spiritual leadership and the sustained health and expansion of the church and its missions. The day-to-day activities of the church are managed by the partner Pastors, the senior Leadership Team, staff and volunteers.

Ptr. Rogelio Agbuya||Lead Pastor

Ptr. Rogelio Agbuya

Lead Pastor

Ptr. Fred Tomas||Partner Pastor

Ptr. Fred Tomas

Partner Pastor

Ptr. Rodrigo Viray||Partner Pastor

Ptr. Rodrigo Viray

Partner Pastor

Ptra. Lerissa Tancio-Principio||Leadership Group

Ptra. Lerissa Tancio-Principio

Leadership Group

Ruther||Leadership Group


Leadership Group

Manny||Leadership Group


Leadership Group

Christian||Leadership Group (ICM)


Leadership Group (ICM)

Hannah||Worship & Education Ministry (ICM)


Worship & Education Ministry (ICM)

April||Finance Officer


Finance Officer

Emil||Leadership Group (ICM)


Leadership Group (ICM)

Lucille||Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)


Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)

Rica||Finance Officer


Finance Officer

Lolit||Fellowship Ministry


Fellowship Ministry

Sydney||Education Ministry


Education Ministry

Shiela||Finance Ministry (ICM)


Finance Ministry (ICM)

Jake||Fellowship Ministry


Fellowship Ministry

Diane||Fellowship Ministry


Fellowship Ministry

Lester||Praise & Worship Ministry


Praise & Worship Ministry

Luther||Multimedia Ministry


Multimedia Ministry

Red||Mulitimedia Ministry (ICM)


Mulitimedia Ministry (ICM)

CJ||Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)


Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)

Czy||Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)


Praise & Worship Ministry (ICM)

We are firm in our conviction that the church should cultivate and disciple future leaders who will be entrusted to serve the Lord for the spiritual edification of our members and the development of our church. In the same vein, we think it's important for the elderly to have the tools they need to become teachers and caregivers rather than passive recipients of assistance. According to the Bible, even as people age, they will never be cut off from God's mercy and benefits; rather, they will grow closer to God and live more devoted spiritual lives than ever before. Elders can serve as stewards.

Where We're Headed

Day By Day Christian Ministries Mississauga church exists for a lifelong commitment and obedience in loving God through spiritual nourishment, compassion, and care, while inspiring the community with the promise of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ till redemption by all feasible ways.

Our Mission: We exist to live like Christ Day by Day and lead people to know and experience the LOVE of GOD.

Our goal is to faithfully preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to change lives, transform communities, and inspire individuals to become Christ-like disciples in life and character.

In a unified account of our vision, Ptr. Rogel and the whole group of leadership contend that people need the Lord. Indeed, people need Him more than anything else in this world, since human survival is unpredictable. In fact, God intends that His name be known by all men and women, and that each individual would find the sole reason to hope and live a meaningful life in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. For with God, all things are possible.

All things are possible with God. - Matthew 19:26

These very words of the Lord Jesus provide hope and unspeakable joy to every believer, but we cannot confine them to ourselves as a personal principle. The testimony that everything from God is possible should be interpreted within the framework of faith, but not without a holistic response, accountability, and action. Nonetheless, we are positive that the path we are on is consistent with Christ's teachings and will lead us to encounter God's love. We are cognizant of the importance of constant vigilance and flexibility in carrying out our objective. So, with love & care, we continue to trudge ahead.

Our Core Values

CHRIST-CENTERED. He is the driving force behind all we think, say, and do.

GOSPEL-ORIENTED. In our evangelism, discipleship, preaching and in our worship.

DISCIPLESHIP & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Equiping our hearts and minds to serve.

Church Planting Multiplication.
Spreading seeds of faith to dwell and establish.

Family-oriented. No one should be left behind and alone.

Generous Living. Using our God-given ability to help those in need.

Discover Christianity

Here you can discover the Christian faith and answers to questions concerning Jesus and His teachings.

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Service Hours

Excluding special circumstances and holidays, our normal hours are:

  • Bible Study   5:00pm Saturdays
  • Church Service   10:30am Sundays
  • Prayer Meeting   8:00pm Wednesdays
Church Profile

Day by Day Christian Ministries Mississauga is a church plant of ImmanuEL Christian Ministries, being both under the organization of the Church Planting Ministries Inc., and an affiliate of the Canadian National Baptist Convention in Canada. We are a church that adheres to the doctrines of an Evangelical Churches.