Stop Playing God

Stop Playing God

Today's Devotional by:  Ptr. R. Baker

Today's Devotional Verse:  ACTS 12:6-11, 18-24

They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.  Acts 12:22

Here Acts helps us again to stand in awe of God. King Herod had set himself up on his throne like a god. What he wore and what he said would have prompted the people to say that he was a god, not a man. And let’s not forget that they wanted something from him: peace and food.

Well, the king did not give due praise to God, so he was struck down and eaten by worms.

But let’s be careful not to pass judgment on King Herod so quickly. We may not have a throne to sit on or royal robes to wear. We may not even have one person following us. But sometimes we play God in our own lives.

Excessive worry is one way we do that. Worry is a signal that we are taking over God’s role of being God in our lives. It’s as though we hold tight to this thing as if we have control over it—but of course we do not.

As anyone who worries excessively can tell you, there is very little contentment and joy in living that way. When we try to sit on the throne of our lives, taking God’s rightful place and not opening ourselves to trust in Him, we set ourselves up for trouble. Though we might not be struck down or eaten by worms, we can endanger our very souls. We need to stop playing God and let Him guide us into full life.

God, you are better at running my life than I am. Help me to give you my life today. Amen.

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