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Sunday 21st of July 2024 

Modern Path for Christians

When you attend a DBD Mississauga church session, you will get a crystal clear picture of what it means to follow Jesus Christ in the modern world. 

Although the majority of our fellowship is Filipino, we come from all walks of life and all generations, and we all have a deep love for Jesus and for one another. If you come to one of our gatherings, you will hear encouraging songs of praise and thought-provoking sermons.

We are conveniently located inside Westdale Mall.

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Throughout the first few minutes of arriving at our church, greeters at the door comfort anxious visitors.

Reverence for GOD

Reaching genuine faith & devotion to God is one of the finest virtues profoundly felt and exemplified at DBD.

Obedient to the Word

Organized & easy to grasp sermons that link God's word to our lives. Pastors preach in English & Tagalog.


Our community outreach begins with a focus on the needs of our parishioners outside of the church.


We welcome the elderly because they help our church grow by being spiritual guides for younger people.


Aug 25 2023

If you fall, fail, or forget today, thank God for His grace.…ituloy

Aug 24 2023

Here Acts helps us again to stand in awe of God.…ituloy

Aug 23 2023

“Is church over?”…ituloy

Aug 02 2023

The tragic truth about human nature is that the worse we get,…ituloy

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KULTURA: Embracing our Pinoy identity & discovering our heritage.

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What They Say About Us

D Rosendo

This is the only congregation where the pastors serve God not for financial gain, but out of a sense of duty.

N Ramona

Walang direksyon ang aking buhay bago ko natuklasan ang DBD Mississauga. Sa tulong ng mga leaders at members, nakagisnan ko ang panginoon.

Manuela Lee

Lumakas ang aking devotion sa Diyos dito sa DBD Mississauga. Mas maliwanag na ang aking future compared to before

B Graciano

I feel so blessed with my life and the people around me now that I know God and have embraced Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Knowing Him better helped me realize how incomplete my life had been previously. Thank you very much, Pastor Rogelio.

A Macaria

As a Christian youngster, I studied the Bible and attended Sunday school regularly. I didn't get it. Our family joined DBD Mississauga, where I learnt what it really means to follow Christ. Now, I'm privileged to totally devote to Him daily.

José Eladio

I honestly had no idea what Ptr. Agbuya was saying when I first heard his distinctive voice, but I listened to him for a while anyhow since I found it captivating. Then, something took place. As though the Holy Spirit had suddenly and dramatically entered my body. I had a chill down my spine and could hear myself talking to myself. "Lord, thank you,"

D Celestino

In DBD Church, I discovered a lot of things. I discovered the Bible's potency as God's counsel to the essential issues pertaining to our existence. I discovered that whatever I have learnt has been by the grace of our Lord, whose compassion and mercy are unfathomable, and not as a result of my own merit.

JC Camilo

When I was only 8 years old, my mom took me to DBD church. As we sang beautiful songs together, we found out about Christ. Now that I'm a teenager, I feel so lucky to have the life I have and the friends I have at DBD. When I got to know Him better, I saw that everything comes from Him and that I am nothing without Him. I learnt how to love truly because I know how much I am loved for who I am.

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Service Hours

Excluding special circumstances and holidays, our normal hours are:

  • Bible Study   5:00pm Saturdays
  • Church Service   10:30am Sundays
  • Prayer Meeting   8:00pm Wednesdays
Church Profile

Day by Day Christian Ministries Mississauga is a church plant of ImmanuEL Christian Ministries, being both under the organization of the Church Planting Ministries Inc., and an affiliate of the Canadian National Baptist Convention in Canada. We are a church that adheres to the doctrines of an Evangelical Churches.