KULTURA: Worship Through Music, Dance, & Festivals


Dance Like God Is Watching

Genuine praise seeks expression in speech, in song, in movement.…ituloy


KULTURA: Embracing our Pinoy identity & discovering our heritage.

KULTURA, our arts project, promotes Filipino culture through DBD program initiatives in music, dance, literature, painting, cuisine, and other arts with the purpose of infusing Philippine culture into Christian evangelism and worship services.…ituloy


What Does Music And Dance Have to Do With Christianity ?

How can one reconcile the Christian faith with the joy of song and dance? Musical and dancing elements may seem unbiblical or unchristian at first glance. But it has always been an integral element of worship…ituloy


Kill Your Idols

An idol is any person, object or activity you give a higher priority in your life than a relationship with God.…ituloy

Discover Christianity

Here you can discover the Christian faith and answers to questions concerning Jesus and His teachings.

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Service Hours

Excluding special circumstances and holidays, our normal hours are:

  • Bible Study   5:00pm Saturdays
  • Church Service   10:30am Sundays
  • Prayer Meeting   8:00pm Wednesdays
Church Profile

Day by Day Christian Ministries Mississauga is a church plant of ImmanuEL Christian Ministries, being both under the organization of the Church Planting Ministries Inc., and an affiliate of the Canadian National Baptist Convention in Canada. We are a church that adheres to the doctrines of an Evangelical Churches.