Introduction to Newcomers

Welcome Kababayan!

If this is your first time joining us, we won't make you feel awkward, make you stand up, or ask for a donation. We recognize that many people would like to worship at our church without drawing attention to themselves, and we gladly welcome them. Come in, take in the laid-back vibe, and decide whether our small church is right for you.

We welcome you to stay for fellowship following our service if you have any questions regarding our church or the sermon. Please feel free to ask a pastor or get in touch with us in another means. We appreciate your presence and we would be delighted just to see you.


We are located inside Westdale Mall in Mississauga. After church, you could walk around Westdale Mall to get groceries, eat out, work out, or use any of the other services there. FreshCo, Giant Tiger, Planet Fitness, Winners, and a number of fast-food places and restaurants are all in the area.

What To Expect

Our services are straightforward, to put it mildly. We begin with singing, then read the Bible, then listen to a message based on God's Word, and then close with communion and more singing.


Usually, rather than focusing on a specific theme, our sermons are explanatory in nature. Our group enjoys reading supplementary material to better understand what God is trying to tell us. To help people understand the Word of God better, we try to provide context and make practical applications from its teachings so that it can sink in and heal.


DBD thinks that music and dance are among the greatest assets that the Filipino people have to offer, and that through their expression, they may make a meaningful sacrifice for Jesus. We enjoy singing. We may sing contemporary music, hymns, or even Tagalog melodies. You could even catch our kids leading the singing.


We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.

It is optional to take the communion elements (the host and the wine). There are also no individual confessions. Instead, in a moment of silence, the Pastor urges everyone to silently confess their sins, repent, and seek forgiveness from the Lord.


Sunday School for Kids

Please bring your youngsters. Drop them off in our improvised church nursery. We offer a wonderful Sunday program for youngsters.

Occassional Festivities

We invite you to celebrate with us on a few special days. On these days, our regular church service is supplemented with a few extras. To confirm these dates, check our calendar.

Discover Christianity

Here you can discover the Christian faith and answers to questions concerning Jesus and His teachings.

Join Us
Service Hours

Excluding special circumstances and holidays, our normal hours are:

  • Bible Study   5:00pm Saturdays
  • Church Service   10:30am Sundays
  • Prayer Meeting   8:00pm Wednesdays
Church Profile

Day by Day Christian Ministries Mississauga is a church plant of ImmanuEL Christian Ministries, being both under the organization of the Church Planting Ministries Inc., and an affiliate of the Canadian National Baptist Convention in Canada. We are a church that adheres to the doctrines of an Evangelical Churches.