KULTURA Philippine Music and Dance

KULTURA: Embracing our Pinoy identity & discovering our heritage.

In order to foster respect for and understanding of the Filipino heritage, KULTURA is our arts project that highlights the diversity of Filipino culture. KULTURA also seeks to promote awareness through educational initiatives that promote involvement in all aspects of cultural heritage; from music, to dance and performing arts, literary, visual, culinary and other arts.

KALOOB Pasinaya 2019

As a country, the Philippine's colorful history is mirrored in its arts, from pre-Hispanic to Spanish colonial to American to modern-day.

KULTURA is a celebration of our identity, heritage, and culture. It honors our ancestors who were once called “kaluluwa” or “saints” by their own people. The word “kultura” itself means culture and refers to the way we live today as descendants of these early Filipinos.  Our goal is to create art that showcases Filipino culture through our own lens and experience, while exploring what it means to be Filipino and Filipino-Canadian today.

DbD 19th Anniversary - Tinikling

Hopefully, KULTURA will inspire you to look at our Filipino heritage in a new light. As the old saying goes, it's always a good idea to know where you came from. But of course, that can be applied to a lot more than just one country. History is an important vehicle for education and cultural understanding, and there's no reason why we should ignore it just because we have a more immediate focus on things like technology, popular culture, and fashion. In short: know where you came from and understand your roots—you'll think differently about your life going forward.

A note from our Pastor:

Members with artistic talent are urged to use our KULTURA initiative to organize and market themselves. Anywhere I would step foot in the many different parts of the world, it was one of my deepest aspirations to spread the word about our Christian Mission organization from the Philippines. I haven't changed my heart's desire up until this point. In order to promote, teach, and interpret Filipino music and dance to the glory of God, I pray that the Lord will provide me the strength to gather my entire team of young Christian artists here to our location. Ptr. Rogelio Agbuya and Ptra. Leriz Tancio-Principio

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